5 Reasons Why Ken Carson Should Be Our New Internet Bae

5 Reasons Why Ken Carson Should Be Our New Internet Bae

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Everybody have their own internet bae. From hot selebgram, to cute Youtube vlogger. I have one too! My internet bae was Finnegan Harries. He's cute, smart, and creative. He also have a hot twin brother, Jack, whose an ex-Youtuber and a super cool film maker.

But apparently, Finn already have a new girlfriend. And it breaks my heart :(

5 Reasons Why Ken Carson Should Be Our New Internet Bae

Sooo.. In order to move on, I was trying to find another cute internet famous to replace Finn from my heart. But it was a super hard thing to do. I've already saw hundreds of cute celebrities and influencers, but no one is as perfect as him.

But lately I found this guy. He's just as perfect as Finn, if not more. He have a girlfriend since a long time, but it doesn't matter, because his girlfriend is super awesome and they are so cute together. And his name is Ken Carson!

Okay. Okay. I know. He is not even real, and there's only zero percent chance I could date him. But hey, I don't even have a chance to date Harries twin too! So it's actually the same and I don't care whether he is a real person or not.

Because he is perfect, and this is why he should be our new internet bae


I think I don't have to explain this, because that is the point of having a internet crush. Duh!


Yes, he's not real. And yes, we can't even date him. But come on guys, you don't even have a capability to date with your celebrity crush physically. So it's basically the same!

And he won't break your heart only because he have a new girlfriend, because he won't do that. Trust me.


What's better that just a cute boyfriend? A fun boyfriend. 

And what's better than a fun boyfriend? A cute fun boyfriend.

How lucky Barbie is!


An awesome man have an awesome woman in his side, and that's true in this case. Barbie is a super awesome person. She's a pretty, smart, and fun person. She's a famous Youtube vlogger with 3 millions of followers and she always spread positivy on it. She also have been a role model for 59 years. She's totally the best kind person you'll ever meet.

Ken and Barbie also have a super cute relationship. They support each other and they looks great together.

They're just perfect!


Do you know how long Ken and Barbie have been dating? They have been dating since 1961. That's mean they're already in relationship for 57 years this year. That's even older than my dad. This proves that Ken can maintain a good relationship.

Not only that, Ken also a supportive boyfriend. I mean, look at Barbie's vlogs on Youtube. He's willing to participate on Barbie's vlogs and challenge videos. So I assume that he is support his girlfriend's hobby. Isn't that good?

So, yeah, that is five reasons why Ken Carson should be our internet bae. 

I realize I will looks so pathetic (and stupid at the same time) for writing an article about my fictional crush. This probably will makes me single for longer time. But I don't care, I feel super happy writing this. Muahaha!

Laakwartier, 12 January 2018

I wonder how's my boyfriend would looks like in the future. Will he be as perfect as Ken? I hope so :D

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  1. Hihihi... Kalo hanya utk dijadiin tokoh favorit, okelah, ken punya kriteria semua cowo perfect :D. Walopun kalo buatku, barbie terlalu bagus utk dia huahahaha.. Mungkin krn cowo fav ku yg rada2 nakal dan slebor gitu :p. Sementara ken terlalu rapi dan metrosexual hihihi :p

    1. Bener sihh.. Cowo baik-baik memang menarik, tapi cowo slebor lebih menantang. Wkwkwk :P

  2. Sampe ada loh orang yang pengen jadi Ken sangking berasa sempurnanya itu boneka